#mythreewords for 2022

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#My3words for 2022 are light, lift and laugh. Before I tell you why I chose these words, let me tell you what #my3words means. In 2015, I read about Chris Brogan’s idea of choosing 3 words each New Year. I’ve been choosing my own 3 words ever since (read my full list below). These 3 words serve as guideposts for my path and my choices for the upcoming year. They help me keep my goals and values at the front and centre of everything I do. They remind me to work on things that matter and cast-off actions that don’t move the needle. I encourage everyone in my network to set their 3 words for 2022. Let them influence your actions and choices to push your goals forward. Write them down. Post them everywhere. Schedule reminders in your calendar. Most of all, make them a part of your everyday decision-making process. Here’s what #my3words for 2022 mean to me. Light: To give light to myself and others.  Light transcends all religions and cultures as a symbol of spirituality, [...]

The Power of Mentorship

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Introduction Since beginning my professional career over 35 years ago, I have seen the power of mentorship to affect meaningful, real-world change in advancing gender diversity in the boardroom. In fact, mentorship is one reason I launched Women Get On Board Inc. (WGOB) in the first place. By creating a community of women corporate directors and aspiring women corporate directors, mentorship relationships have organically occurred and helped more women get on boards. To further the power of mentorship to promote women leaders and accelerate their board journey, we launched the WGOB Mentorship Program. In this blog, I want to share what I’ve learned about mentorship so that you can harness this power in your career and board journey. I will share practical insights on: Mentorship vs. Sponsorship The True Power of Mentorship Finding a Mentor Tips for Effective Mentorship Relationships Mentorship vs. Sponsorship People often ask me what is the difference between “mentorship” and “sponsorship”? Simply, mentorship is about advising. Mentors help by guiding behind the scenes. On the other hand, sponsorship is about acting. Sponsors support [...]

Board Diversity: Are You an Agent of Change?

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It still surprises me that there has not been more progress in corporate Canada to add more women to TSX-listed boards. It has been seven years since the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) implemented disclosure rules mandating that TSX-listed companies "comply or explain" their board diversity figures. The move was intended to lead to positive changes in how corporate boards recruit new board members. According to the recent Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt report, 2021 Diversity Disclosure Practices, 23.4 % of board seats among TSX listed companies in 2020  have women on their boards, increasing almost 2% since 2019. This increase shows some progress but is still lagging in gender parity and the Canadian government’s 50-30 Challenge. The 50-30 Challenge acts as a framework to accelerate diversity actions in many Canadian organizations and encourage other Canadian organizations to adopt practices to improve equity. According to the same report, "Few companies have achieved gender parity on their board. Last year there were ten companies where 50% or more of the directors were female, increasing from only five in 2019. This year witnessed [...]

Preparing for a Board Interview

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"As CEO and Founder of Women Get On Board Inc. (WGOB), my goal, quite simply, is to get one more woman on a board, one woman at a time. In my over 35 years as an executive, corporate director and entrepreneur, I have observed that many women face the same stumbling block as they work to secure their first board seat: acing their board interview." In my new blog, Preparing for a Board Interview, I share my board interview preparation guide with you: 1. Understand how a board interview works 2. Understand how the company works 3. Understand how the industry works 4. Understand how the board works 5. Understand your value 6. Practice makes perfect Read more here: Preparing for a Board Interview #Reach #Shine #Connect #wisewednesday #Boarddiversity #morewomenonboards #BoardInterview

Building Your Board Resume FAQs

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In my over 35 years as an executive, corporate director, entrepreneur and CEO of Women Get On Board Inc. (WGOB), there is one question that I am asked more than any other: “How do I build my board resume?” This is not a straight forward question. Your board resume should be an ongoing dynamic document. It will change as you gain board experience and apply for different board opportunities. That’s why I’ve written this blog today—to help you build your best board resume. In it, I’ll address the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) I get asked about building your board resume, including: What is the difference between a career resume and a board resume? Do I need governance education to serve on a board? What if I don’t have the specific experience a board is looking for? What should my board resume include? How should I optimize my board resume to show my unique value proposition? How can I enhance my board experience and skills? How should I showcase myself on LinkedIn? What is the difference between [...]

Top 10 Tips to Help You in Your Journey to a Corporate Board

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Being a Corporate Director is much different from being an executive. A Corporate Director’s role is one of oversight, whereas an executive’s role is to manage day-to-day operations. Getting yourself board-ready is a journey where you need to be realistic in the skills, experience and value you bring to a board. It would help if you also were mindful that it is a very competitive marketplace. There is an over-supply of qualified Corporate Directors for a limited supply of available corporate board seats. As Founder & CEO of Women Get On Board and as a leading and serving Corporate Director, my social purpose is to empower more women on corporate boards with my top 10 tips to help you in your journey to a corporate board: 1. Be fearless — use your confidence to embrace change. Be independent-minded and stand up for what you believe in. Do the right thing and be ethical in your decisions. Have courage, be brave, be decisive and be determined. 2. Plan your journey, set goals and plan the path to your success. [...]

Are You Diversifying Your Board Portfolio?

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When I began my board journey, I didn’t consider the importance of diversifying my board portfolio. A board portfolio is the different boards you lead and serve. Similar to your investment portfolio, you should be strategic in developing your board portfolio. It should reflect your risk profile and the stage of your board career. Additionally, you should regularly monitor and review your board portfolio to ensure you are getting a positive return. When thinking of diversifying your board portfolio, here are three critical areas for consideration: Consider the Evolution of Your Board Journey To evaluate the evolution of your board journey, first, consider the size and stage of the boards you serve. For example, if you join the board of an emerging company, the director’s role is often a value-add role that is hands-on. As the company matures, your board expectation will evolve to more of an oversight role. To better understand your role and responsibilities as a board member refer to this guide called “Directors and Officers in Canada” a concise and informative resource. After reviewing core company [...]

Board Diversity: Are You an Agent of Change?

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It still surprises me that there has been little change in corporate Canada to add more women to TSX listed boards. “Either corporate Canada changes its culture, or it’ll have to justify to shareholders why it’s deliberately weakening its own bottom line.” Jennifer Stewart & Catherine Clark Women Get On Board was recently referenced in this article from the Ottawa Citizen, which speaks to the four ways to advance more women to boards: 1-Set targets 2-Develop a board skills matrix 3-Get help 4-Move the needle It has been six years since the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) implemented disclosure rules mandating that TSX-listed companies “comply or explain” their board diversity figures. The move was intended to lead to positive changes in how corporate boards recruit new board members. However, according to the recent Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt report, 2020 Diversity Disclosure Practices, just over 20% of directors serving on corporate boards in 2019 were women. This change represents only a slight increase in the average proportion of women on boards compared to prior years when the average percentage of female directors was [...]

The Power of Giving

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I often reflect on this quote: "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." I have noticed the profound and powerful truth of these words. In my 35 years as an executive, corporate director and entrepreneur, I have observed that one of the most powerful forces in the world is the power of giving. Giving motivates, delights, inspires and moves people. I have learned never to underestimate the value of giving with a generous heart. In this blog, I will discuss: Giving and taking in business Doing well by doing good Principles for giving generously and receiving graciously Giving and taking in business In Adam Grant's landmark book, Give and Take, he explores the power of giving in the context of the business landscape. Grant breaks the world down into three categories of people: Givers, Takers, and Matchers. Takers are people who prioritize wealth, power, and pleasure. They like to win, and they take what they need to succeed. Matchers operate according to the principle of fairness; they give [...]

The Power of Sponsorship

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I often hear that women need more mentorship from men and women leaders to advance their careers. While this is true, women need more than mentorship alone. Women need sponsorship, too! Mentorship vs. sponsorship What is the difference between “mentorship” and “sponsorship”? There are a few critical distinctions between the roles. Mentorship is about advising. They help by guiding behind the scenes. Sponsorship, on the other hand, is about acting. Sponsors support individuals they believe in by publicly advocating them when they are not in the room. In her Harvard Business Review article, organizational behaviour expert Herminia Ibarra succinctly describes the difference between sponsorship and mentorship. She writes, “While a mentor is someone who has the knowledge and will share it with you, a sponsor is a person who has power and will use it for you.” In her New York Times op-ed, Sylvia Ann Hewlett explains the difference between sponsors and mentors this way: “Mentors act as a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on, offering advice as needed and support and guidance as requested; they expect very [...]

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