Deborah is a thought leader, and writes on topics of governance, diversity and leadership.

Deborah Rosati has over 20 years of leading and serving on corporate boards. She understands what companies need on their boards and why having women on boards makes good business sense. She writes about and board diversity and how diverse boards enhance all facets of a company’s performance. Here are a few of her blogs on board diversity:

Board Diversity: Are You an Agent of Change? In Deborah Rosati’s blog, she writes that evidence shows diverse boards enhance all facets of a company’s performance. As business leaders, it is our duty to all step up today and collectively be agents of change in advancing board diversity in Canada. Together, we can make a difference by promoting diversity as a strategic opportunity for board-building.

Why a Diverse Board Makes Good Business SenseIn Deborah Rosati’s blog, she discusses the Top 5 Business Reasons for Diverse Boards.

Deborah also writes about topics that empower women to be more effective in the boardroom. Her topics range from building your board profile and elevating your board effectiveness to using your emotional intelligence to be an effective board member. Her most recent blog series covers the power of connection, the power of sponsorship and the power of giving:

“Deborah – your blogs are always insightful with practical and actionable advice.”

Nadia Martel

“Great ideas and a few good reminders, Deborah Rosati FCPA, FCA, ICD.D! And from someone who truly lives the purpose of empowering and connecting women to Board opportunities!”

Connie Carras

Why I’m Prioritizing Listening This Year

One of my goals for 2024 is to become a more effective listener. As I continue to become a stronger ally, I’ve realized that listening is a vital leadership skill and a critical tool for allyship. That insight was crystalized for me at our WGOB Summit in 2023 when I spoke with a woman who heads up the Indigenous affairs department at a university in Ontario after one of the afternoon sessions. During the conversation, she mentioned the land acknowledgment we read at the start of the day. Her suggestion? We should consider adding a call to action to [...]

Deborah Rosati Blog

“Thank you Deborah! Your e-books are a must-read for women looking to build their board-ready skills. Thank you for your advocacy and leadership. WCM is excited to host Women Get On Board this summer for 2 Get Board Ready sessions.”

Lara Zink

“A much needed roadmap for aspiring board members to navigate their path to success. You should be very proud of the legacy you are building.”

Wendy Kennedy

“This ebook by Deborah Rosati of Women Get On Board provides practical insights, intelligence, and tools to empower women with the skills and confidence to lead and serve on boards.”

Scott Baldwin, Co-founder of

How to Get Yourself on a Board

Serving on a board is a meaningful way to build your career and enrich your network. However, securing a coveted board position is not an easy task. That’s why Women Get On Board Inc.’s (WGOB) mandate is to connect, promote and empower women to corporate boards. It’s also why Deborah Rosati wrote this e-book, based on over 30 years of entrepreneurial, financial and governance expertise with high growth and transformational companies in the technology, retail, consumer and life sciences sectors. How to Get Yourself On a Board provides insights on how to master the foundations, position their board offers, get board interviews, and ace their board interviews.


Elevating Your Board Effectiveness

When corporate boards have gender diversity, businesses see better results. For example, a Canadian study of 6,000 boards found that gender-balanced boards have more varied viewpoints and lead to higher effectiveness and decreased financial irregularities. That’s why Women Get On Board Inc.’s (WGOB) mandate is to connect, promote and empower women to corporate boards. This e-book on Elevating Your Board Effectiveness builds on that mandate. Building on Deborah Rosati’s first e-book How to Get Yourself On a BoardElevating Your Board Effectiveness provides practical insights, intelligence and tools to empower women with the skills and confidence to lead and serve on boards.

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