#My3words for 2023 are elevate, innovate and sustain.

Why do I select #my3words each year? In 2015, I read about Chris Brogan’s idea to choose three words in the new year to guide your choices and actions. Ever since, I’ve been picking my own three words (read my complete list below). These three words serve as guideposts for my path, helping me keep my goals and values at the forefront of everything I do. They remind me to focus on what matters and let go of what does not.

To stay on track in 2023, I encourage you to select your own #my3words. Your words will influence your actions and help you move your goals forward this year.

My advice? Write them down. Post them everywhere. Journal about them. Schedule reminders in your calendar. Most importantly, integrate them into your decision-making process.

Here are what #my3words for 2023 mean to me:

Elevate: To lift or make higher

Elevate means improving someone or something by advancing morally, intellectually, or culturally. I will work on elevating myself first by pursuing continuous improvement in my daily actions and lifting myself to a higher purpose. Then, I will look to elevate others by listening, learning and practicing gratitude.

Innovate: To make changes or do something in a new way

An innovative mindset will encourage me to examine new ways to show up personally and professionally and enact changes to make the world a better place.

Sustain: To support something or keep it going

Sustain will be my daily mantra and my purpose for showing up each day to be a better version of myself. I will sustain the people around me by working in service of others and empowering them be a better version of themselves. And I will help to sustain our world by supporting the next generation of leaders.

#My3words over the past years:

2022: Light, Lift, Laugh

2021: Reach, Shine, Connect

2020: Energize, Elevate, Empower

2019: Breath, Build, Empower

2018: Connect, Cultivate, Communicate

2017: Shine, Nurture, Grow

2016: Leverage, Focus, Empower

2015: Inspire, Breathe, Build