#My3words for 2022

#My3words for 2022 are light, lift and laugh.

Before I tell you why I chose these words, let me tell you what #my3words means. In 2015, I read about Chris Brogans idea of choosing 3 words each New Year. I’ve been choosing my own 3 words ever since (read my full list below). These 3 words serve as guideposts for my path and my choices for the upcoming year. They help me keep my goals and values at the front and centre of everything I do. They remind me to work on things that matter and cast-off actions that don’t move the needle.

I encourage everyone in my network to set their 3 words for 2022. Let them influence your actions and choices to push your goals forward. Write them down. Post them everywhere. Schedule reminders in your calendar. Most of all, make them a part of your everyday decision-making process.

Here’s what #my3words for 2022 mean to me.

Light: To give light to myself and others. 

Light transcends all religions and cultures as a symbol of spirituality, illumination, intelligence, integrity and goodness. Light avenges evil and darkness. Evolution, creativity, cosmic energy and optimism find their roots in light.

Lift: To move upward; to elevate to a higher position. 

The great lesson that our universe offers us is the chance to learn how to lift ourselves and others. This year, I will lift myself by bringing harmony to my mind, body and soul each day. I will lift others by taking time to listen, learn and be grateful.

Laugh: To bring humour to myself and others. 

Laughter has the power to heal, renew and enhance relationships. Laughter lightens your burdens. It inspires hope, connects you to others, and keeps you centred, focused and present.

#My3words over the past years:

  • 2021: Reach, Shine, Connect
  • 2020: Energize, Elevate, Empower
  • 2019: Breath, Build, Empower
  • 2018: Connect, Cultivate, Communicate
  • 2017: Shine, Nurture, Grow
  • 2016: Leverage, Focus, Empower
  • 2015: Inspire, Breathe, Build

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