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6 01, 2018

Network Mapping Your Way onto a Board

By |2018-01-06T12:16:19-05:00January 6th, 2018|Corporate Board Journey, Getting Board-Ready, The Power of...|0 Comments

Joining a board is about fit and style. The Board wants to make sure that your style will fit in. To help them decide, think about your network and how you might be connected to any one of the Board members. This is what I call “network mapping.” Use your network to map how you might be connected to members of the Board. The more connections you have to the Board, the more comfort they can get on how you will fit in. Don’t be afraid to ask for introductions! To help you map your network, it is important to understand who can help connect you to a board opportunity. Your network can be broken into the following groups: Decision Makers: these are individuals that will make the final decision [...]

18 06, 2015

Are You a Connector?

By |2015-09-15T15:38:38-04:00June 18th, 2015|The Power of...|2 Comments

Connecting people is an art. Connecting opens up a world of potential opportunity for yourself and others. All of us are connected in some way, but many of us don’t use our networks. Are you a connector? I ask this question as there are a few people that I know who are great connectors and I wonder what makes them unique. According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book Tipping Point there are three types of people, Mavens, Connectors and Salespeople: "Connectors make change happen through people. They galvanize people. They’re natural hubs. That’s just the way they’re oriented to the world. These are people who, every time you ask a question, start flipping a Rolodex in the back of their mind, saying, “Who do I know who knows this? Who [...]

26 05, 2015

The Power of Sponsoring

By |2015-05-26T10:59:34-04:00May 26th, 2015|The Power of...|1 Comment

I am often asked what the difference is between mentoring and sponsoring. There seems to be a good deal of confusion between the two since both are centered on asking people to help you advance in your career.  So what is the difference between mentoring and sponsoring? Mentoring is about advising and sponsoring is about acting. In a New York Times op-ed article by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, she explains the difference between sponsors and mentors this way: “Mentors act as a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on, offering advice as needed and support and guidance as requested; they expect very little in return. Sponsors, in contrast, are much more vested in their protégés, offering guidance and critical feedback because they believe in them.” Sylvia has also written a [...]

30 03, 2015

The Power of Mentoring

By |2015-03-30T14:32:09-04:00March 30th, 2015|The Power of...|0 Comments

The concept of mentoring is a 20th century term. Thirty years ago mentoring on a business level didn't even exist. It wasn’t mentioned or promoted as a way to network or learn from people who had the positions that you aspired to.  So what did we did we do before mentoring came in vogue in this highly competitive market place? We chose and emulated people who inspired us to help us reach our goals. My first mentor was father. He inspired my business career and in the last 15 years I’ve had the opportunity to be a mentor and a mentee. Look for a mentor outside of your organization. Choose someone who inspires you. I have been fortunate over my professional career to have great mentors. Some I would reach [...]

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